Russian Roulette


Russian Roulette ingredients:

to be served in a:

Kahluaź (1/2 oz. / 1.5 cl)

Vodka (1/2 oz. / 1.5 cl)

Sambuca (1 oz. / 3.0 cl)

Orange Slice

Shot Glass


Russian Roulette recipe:


Fill two or more shooter 1 oz. shooter glasses with the Kahlua and vodka and place a slice of orange on the top of each glass. Put the Sambuca in a wine glass and light. Pour the lit Sambuca on the shooters below and let burn for a short time in front of your bedazzled guests. Blow out the fire and instruct the drinkers of the shooters to drink out of the glass first and chew the Sambuca-soaked orange slice last.


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